No-CMS is not just another CodeIgniter based CMS. There are many things that will make you falling in love with it.


Easy Installation

Installing No-CMS is very straight forward. Just follow the on-screen instruction and you will be fine.


User Group

Determine who can access your pages. Put your users into several managable groups


Customizable Themes

Choose or make your own theme. Make your very own website.


Modules & Module Generator

Add No-CMS functionality by installing or making your own modules. We also have module generator to help you.


Developer Friendly

No-CMS was built on top of CodeIgniter, HMVC Extension, and Grocery CRUD.


Many out-of-the-box features

Third Party Authentication, Widgets, Language Management, Multisite, and many others.

Site owner, please read these simple howtos !!!

Modify this home page

Seeing this message means that you've just successfully install No-CMS on your server.
And, we believe you won't just stop here. You have several options to modify this homepage:

  • Using static page

    Just go to Navigation Management and modify the static content

  • Redirect default controller

    If you are familiar with CodeIgniter, you can modify $route['default_controller'] variable on /application/config/routes.php, around line 41. Please make sure that your default controller is valid. This is recommended if you also want your own page to be a default homepage.

  • Using dynamic page

    You can deactivate static option on Navigation Management and edit the corresponding view (/modules/main/views/main_index.php)

Need helps?

You are welcomed to join No-CMS forum:
or open an issue on No-CMS github repository:
In case of you've found a critical bug, you can also directly send email to [email protected]
That's all. Start your new adventure with No-CMS !!!



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